Side Hoes Are NOT Winning!

As much as you all have a guilty pleasure of watching all these women fight and argue, get married and divorced, dating and breaking up and side bitches getting rings and getting married on TV. (Mainly Vh1, Bravo and other networks that promote foolery) Have no fear in ten years everything will be different.

peter-gunz-tara-aminaThe big conflict that I saw trending on Twitter was a foolish Love and Hip Hop love triangle between Peter Gunz and how he married his side chic and is messing around with his main woman of 13 years?! The whole thing makes no freaking sense but let me say this. Every time this man is being interviewed, he apologizes to the mother of his children (main/side woman of 13 years) and expresses his regret. While saying nothing about the other woman/his “wife” other than she has talent. Yeah I bet.  But if you look at his wife, Amina, she is running around NYC talking about she is the wife. No honey you are not, you are still the side piece of chicken they offer free with a coupon. GTFOH!

If you pay attention to when any man admits his wrongs there is a sense of regret in his tone that never leaves because he knows he either can’t make it right or his pride is holding him back. It is like he forever longs for the woman he wronged. As long as he is with the side chic, she is a reminder of how things went so it never works. Imagine being the side chic, peace never comes so who’s really winning?

beyonce-super-bowl-halftime-3-600x450Never fear! This type of karma doesn’t show up immediately it comes later on in life when things get real. All the fame, money, body size and so on changes. Real women never do. Never think because you see or hear about “popcorn hoes” so called winning (this includes men too) that you won’t end up on top because you always were there. Life isn’t about how much you have or how nice things and people look, it’s about creating memories and living with people who are deserving of your time.

Still refusing to watch Love and Hip Hop


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