Siding with the Enemy: Part I Friendship

imagesAll good things come to an end, especially in friendships. What happens when boujie girls find themselves at odds in a friendship gone bad with a cool person who is now their BFF’s enemy? Boujie Girl problems! To answer the question of girl code, if she is my enemy, she is yours? You can’t always be on the fence with people who do not associate well with your friends, period.

images-1Be cautious. If the reason why friend A refuses to be friends with friend B includes steal of any sort, backstabbing, trash talking, man sloring, or damages to property, I suggest you continue your friendship with friend B with caution. Remember, everyone was friends at some point and at any time friend B can turn on you. Be careful…

images-2Exceptions. If friend A decides not be friends with friend B for whatever reason, if you were all friends at some point it is understandable that you want to continue to be friends with both. If you are closer to friend A, I suggest that you are careful about the conversations you have with friend B. If either friend continues to talk trash about the other, you need to check her, period. There will be no disrespect in the boujie girl land with cattiness and bitchiness. Listening to someone talk smack about someone else without defending them is fake. Allowing someone to trash talk someone else, even if you didn’t say anything, makes you just as bad.

 “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -MLK

-Boujie MACK

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