Siding with the Enemy: Part II Relationships

images-2When a couple breaks up, what happens to the friends in the middle!? This is a topic many people struggle with and it continues to be debated. When you are thinking of boujie girl code, look at the bottom line. Remember, at some point everything you do cycles and will return. Put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes with all seriousness and decide if you want to continue a friendship that may hurt her. When couples get together, they make friends and add to their friendship circle. When they break up, if it is a bad break up where war has been declared, ladies cut the bull and side with your girlfriend.

images-4Girls have this idea that they can continue to be friends with the besties ex when things are not kosher between them. What is that about anyway? Usually girls who do not have close girlfriends or strong loyal bonds to women pull this crap. Don’t you get that this behavior weakens woman nation. So you are going to continue to be friends with him for what? So he can invite you to his next wedding? Come over and chill? Get it together.

imagesThere is a difference when people are just cool and are close to each other. When you are close to each other, then that’s different. Close means, long conversations, birthday get together, kids play together, visiting in the hospital, offering money through hard times and etc. NOT you just talk when the person is around your bestie. NOT when you sometimes chat a little on FB. NOT when you see them it is all hugs and kisses and you don’t mention them again. Know the difference between being close to someone and just being cool.

images-1If you have to make a list, who would visit you in the hospital if you were sick, your girlfriend or him? If you needed someone to talk to late at night because you are going through hard times, your bestie or him would take the time out to listen. When real hits the fan, I mean REAL life, who is going to stand there? Why would you risk platinum for plastic?


“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” – Bob Marley

-Boujie MACK.

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