Signs that Your Boujie Is too Nice…

People always assume boujie girls are mean, selfish conceited women who only want to bother with people who have money, nice cars, and status. While some of this is true, there are those boujie girls are “too nice.” What does it mean to be too nice? It means flat out giving too much of a fu*&^%$! Now that is just NOT the boujie way…

This is my last…So you can have it

Boujie girls are all about having enough for themselves, taking care of themselves, and having the best because we have earned it. What happens when someone else hasn’t earned it and wants to cash in on you? Some boujie girls hand it over.

Not the Boujie way!
The problem with this is once you start giving people your last, you won’t have enough for even yourself. If you expect them to give you any -you can forget it because if they took your last then know that their concern has nothing to do with your well-being. Sorry to say, but family are usually the first to take and last to give sometimes. You should never take someone’s last, you never know what they may need it for. For example, if I have $50 and my girlfriend need $50, since that $50 is my last, she should not ask for it, period.

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