Should the Size of the Bling Matter?

Klaine_ProposalOne of our happiest moments is when a man gets down on one knee and asks for our hand in marriage. We get so excited to know this person wants to spend the rest of their lives with us. And to show his devotion, he presents us with a ring. Should the size of the diamond really matter if he loves you and is willing to marry you?

Honestly, this is a tough one. I don’t want to seem like a platinum digger but the ring size and quality has to be where he is in life. If he cannot afford to buy you a 10K ring, but chooses a cheaper nice one that’s ok. If he is making a lot of money and chooses the cheaper, route that says a lot about what he thinks of your wants. The size of his pockets should match the size of the ring.

tumblr_inline_mys21rM4Qm1rzvtwgIf your man doesn’t make enough money to buy you the ring that you want, take the ring he can afford. A $100 ring is better than no ring. However, a man should want his woman to show off her engagement ring. There are very nice rings that actually cost about $500. If his pockets can only afford a $100 ring, than ask yourself if he can afford to be a husband? Maybe if you work together, after a few more years, you trade in your less expensive ring for a nicer one. I know someone who had a $400 ring and she rocked that bad boy for 10 years, while her and her man built a life together. Guess what? After 10 years he surprised her with a huge diamond. She wears the first ring on her other hand. Patience is a virtue ladies.

However, if you man has it and he just doesn’t want to spend it, he is putting his own wants before yours and that is a prediction of how your marriage is going to be. Do not expect this man to go above and beyond just to make you happy if he won’t even spend extra dollars on a nice engagement ring. Not the boujie way!

tumblr_mquuccqwgw1scmcpdo1_400I would even go as far as saying if you really want a certain kind of ring, help pitch in for one. Wedding rings are expensive and if you really want a flashy one, come up off some dollaz boo. Let me just say this. If your man goes above and beyond for your ring, don’t slack on his. Just like he took care of your bling, don’t start getting cheap with his. He is likely to keep it on if it is just as nice. Trust. **wink**


Starting at this freaking tattoo on my finger…

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