Money Monday: Slaves to Our Careers?

rich12Not everyone can be a CEO. We need janitors, receptionists, security and so on. Without them there would be no balance. However, there are many of us who have the potential to be CEO material but we stay in the zone of “working yourself up the ladder”. Any smart business person knows the point of having employees is to make them work hard enough, so all you have to do is monitor and come up with new ideas. How many of you have thought you could do a better job at running the company you work for? How many of us have the skills to run a better one?

Being a slave to your job means you’re owned by the company. You can be bought with a certain salary and sold- fired with a final pay check. Is that how we live? In a conversation over the weekend with a friend of mine, I said, the education system doesn’t teach us how to stand on our own and become wealthy. It teaches us to go into debt, work for SOMEONE ELSE to pay off the debt and continue this vicious cycle with our offspring. Meanwhile, someone else is getting rich. hybrid_mechanic_sf_580x

Really wealthy people, and I mean wealthy, send their babies to an 80K a year daycare centers. I hear mother’s complain about how much daycare cost DAMN! 80K a year to send your kid to daycare? You already know that means there is something they are learning that a majority of American’s are not. They’re learning how to be movers and shakers from the time they are sucking on a nipple to the time they’re buying new ones either for themselves or wives! Just saying!

My point is this; as we slave away each and every day, ask yourself what you really, REALLY want to do with your life. Is it what you are doing now? Is eventually moving up to make a few more thousand enough? Our disadvantage is not that we didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in our mouth, it’s we don’t think we are as powerful as we are. Plan your escape with a plan and act on it.

Writing my butt off…

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