Sleeping With The EX

EMP107_17b_kissThis past weekend I had a lot of family at my house. When my cousin and I, with some friends, were talking about exs, my cousin made a valid point. When you break up with someone, sleeping with them puts you in a bad position. How so? You become the side dish and lose the title of the main. Therefore you are treated like a sidepiece. How can you go from number 1 to 48564316815645?!

Men will get in where they fit in. If you had the status of girlfriend or wife, and ya’ll break up, you need to act accordingly. When he tries to creep back in bed with you, I suggest you say no. Unless you know it’s over and you really don’t want him, find another bed buddy. It’ll feel funny if you find out he’s talking to other women and still sleeping with you. As a matter of fact, you’ll be pissed off and have no one to blame but yourself. (Please refrain from violent behavior, I can’t keep bailing you ladies out all the time. I’m tapped out!)

For men, it is a win-win. They still get to smash without the responsibility of being someone’s man and they think the pussy is theirs and only theirs. It usually is because let’s face it, when we’re still involved with a man, we mainly focus on him. We’ll talk to other dudes but mainly deal with him until we get so hurt and finally walk away.

giphyFor you, because women are emotional, it can hurt when you find out he’s messing around and throws in your face that ya’ll aint together. Major ouch. Sadly, he’s right. You aren’t, so lock up that box. Some women are not realistic; they think they can sleep with a man and not catch feelings. Well, if you were with him for a while and loved him, what makes you think sleeping with him won’t impact you?

I had an ex that I thought was so sexy, but when he opened his mouth, I remembered why I was his ex. I couldn’t stand him. Now imagine if I lost my mind and was doing him; I know for a fact that I would be mad at myself as soon as this fool pulled out. Girl run!

Looking at my blocked list…

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