Snooping…. Boujie Girls are F for Faboulus… not F for FBI!

When anyone goes into a relationship the first few months are usually pretty good. If they are not, that is a sure sign you are not in the right relationship, but only later down the road will you notice these warning signs. But I digress.

If your insecurities are keeping you up all night and causing you to do things like over search belongings, Facebook and Twitter status, email accounts, cell phone break ins and computer hacking, (By the way ladies…these are all illegal behaviors that can land you in jail, just saying!)  it won’t end until you find something. There is always a moment that make women start to think they need to snoop. Something happens, a late returned call, lipstick that isn’t yours or his mamas, maybe even a female “friend” that suddenly shows up and won’t go away. In that moment is where you need to check yourself before you check his stuff.

Once anyone starts snooping, it is almost impossible to stop. The way to stop is NEVER to start. If you have to snoop, you have to leave. That is it. Do not drive yourself or your partner crazy by constantly snooping. Being an FBI agent in your relationship is going to make you crazy. No one can keep up a charade for long. Be confident that if your man is doing something triflin’ it will come out more sooner than later. If you suspect something, confront him immediately and believe his response. If you don’t believe him, what you are wasting your time for? Eventually something is going to sting you… hopefully it won’t be a shot to rid you of some STD! Use wisdom ladies…


Preparing my large deposit slip at the bank…
Boujie Mack

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