The Nerve of of Some Chicks…

imagesSupposedly Lamar Odom has been cheating on his wife with multiple women. Where have we seen foolery, with an athlete, like this before? Smh. The other woman has come out and said his wife, Khloé Kardashian found them in a hotel room and is very violent. Umm.. excuse me but is this tramp serious? I don’t think any wife is going to be oh so calm to find her husband in a hotel room with some tramp. I’m guessing Khloe put the smack down on both of them because she doesn’t play that crap. This leaves us with the question… Is it every ok to slap a bi^%$#?

There are some women in this world that deserve a beat down. They floss themselves around like they’re the best thing since slice bread, when in fact they’re the first slice of bread that everyone bypasses. Some women have mouths on them for days. Others are just triflin’ and need a serious slap but are we the ones to do it? The short answer to this is no. To slap a hoe off some of those facts alone isn’t enough. As much as you want to “put your paws on her” it won’t be worth it. It brings you down to their trashy level. It doesn’t stop the tramp from running her mouth or behaving the way that she is, so don’t waste your time.

swLko.St.81What you can do is keep living. Trashy, low-down, women-girls are troubled. You can’t be all that and still think everything you are doing is right. You have to have mental problems if you think being someone’s sidepiece is better than finding your own man. You have to be mental to think running your mouth about stupid crap is going to get you anywhere in life. Seriously, if you stand back and look at some of these girls (girls because real women don’t behave like this) you can see the insecurity.

If Khloe did in fact lay the smack down, who could blame her? The real karma will be the fact the Lamar’s career is going down hill and his acting out will hurt him more in the long run than currently. What a dirty dog! Someone should slap him!


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Boujie MACK

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