Texting Someone’s Husband

dudarSo there I was having cocktails with friends and the issue came up with one girl being friends with her friend’s husband. The issue was the married couple were having problems and the wife, her friend, texted her to not reach out to her husband because they were going through some things. Let me back this up in case you didn’t catch this. A woman, who is friends with her girl’s husband, got a text message from her girl saying not to contact her husband because they were having problems. The friend was on the fence with if she should continue their friendship and wasn’t sure what to do with the friend and the husband.

The Friendship Between the Women
I’ll address this issue first because I’m sure you all have your own opinions. First of all, if I got a text from my girlfriend about not contacting her man, I would respect that because I’m a woman. Only girls get petty and take it personally that another woman is having issues and showing signs of insecurity. As a woman, I recognize problems in a relationship because who hasn’t had their own! IF she doesn’t want you keykeying it up with her man, respect it. All these men out here and I’m going sweat another woman’s husband? Not the Boujie Way! It’s not that serious. Forcing the relationship with the husband is only going to draw a bigger rift between the women and honestly, it makes you look suspect. I’m not saying it’s right but LET IT GO.

Far too often women will be like, “Fuck her, I’ll still be friends with him!” because the little girl in you wants to be petty. You don’t want to take orders from some bitch cause she ain’t running your life, right? Ok. Trust and believe when you don’t respect another woman’s wishes, don’t expect another woman to respect yours. This text message, to me, means BACK OFF. For whatever reason she is telling you to back off, just do it. If your feelings are hurt, call up your girls, have drinks and talk shit about her or fall back from her dammit. Just don’t out of your way to piss her off even more. Only two people know what go on in a relationship, do not become the third party.

tumblr_mz3q5lwXD01ql5yr7o1_400The Husband
If he is truly your friend and you don’t want to lose that friendship, tell him you need to focus on some things and you are going to be busy for a while. Don’t tell him what she said or texted because that is only going to cause more problems between them and honestly, it’s going to make him want to reach out to you even more. Again, this is petty childish behavior because adults don’t like other adults telling them what to do, who to do, and who to speak to. Be a better woman and defuse the situation by backing off! Men are simple and usually don’t require a lot of information and details. If he starts asking questions, keep it short and step away from the fire.

The issue, we as women have, is we don’t support each other enough. We tend to fall behind on things because we in many ways hate each other. It shouldn’t be that way. If my girlfriend sent me that text message, I’d give myself a day before I reached out. When I’m ready, I would offer to take her out for drinks. We don’t have to talk about what is happening in her relationship but she should know I have her back. Not everyone is me and if your feelings are truly hurt, then give them both space and hope they work things out. Don’t be a petty, messy bitch. Leave it alone. He is not the only man in this world you can talk to.

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