Spring Cleaning? Maybe…

urlSo I’m planning on moving before the summer, after my crazy semester and filming, I get to take on a new chaotic task of moving. The great thing about that is I’m a pro at moving considering after my divorce I moved like four times! This last apartment was the first one I stayed at for more than a year. Now that I’m an adult, I’m ready to nest and get the heck out of my grad school apartment. With that being said that means I have to get rid of things. Welcome to Spring Cleaning!

I’m a pack rat. That means I keep everything and anything. This is going to be torture cleaning out my closets and storage because this time not everything is coming with me! In the midst of my clean up, I see all these things I shared with my ex and I’m like damn… what the hell happened? The good news was I didn’t get upset or overly sentimental; I just sighed and put them in the ‘maybe’ pile. For my spring cleaning, I have a pile of ‘trash’, ‘keep it heffa’ and ‘maybe’.

When I moved after my divorce, in my first apartment, I got rid of almost everything that meant marriage. I tried not to move anything in my new place that we shared. But by my second apartment, I found my ‘maybe old marriage’ pile and finally I was at peace to throw the sentimental stuff away. Now here I am again. The pictures, letters, cards, and gifts… where do I put them? I realized something. When I’m ready, I’m ready and when I’m not, it goes in the maybe pile. I have until June to decide yay or nah! Meanwhile, it’s in the corner, in a purple bag that I ignore. To be continued….


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