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Juicing-Habit-900x440UPDATES! So I am on day nine of this juice cleanse and I finally feel normal! The full week has come together and I’m down 11 pounds. This was no easy accomplishment so yay! A majority of the 11 pound weightloss is likely water weight I picked up from eating high sodium foods and carbs, especially over the holidays.

Some honest talk about the detox process is it is not an easy task. The first few days, I actually had green smoothies to start off with. I wanted to ensure I didn’t get too hungry and just juice it out for the first three days. So I was successful having 4 -5 juices and drinking lots of water for three days. Then I started with the just juice. Let me tell you, it was a shock to my stomach when those green juices hit my stomach. I felt nauseated, I threw up and my cravings came back with a vengeance! I honestly, on day 5 wanted to quit. I felt like shit and couldn’t stand the thought of having green juice. now, I feel better, lighter and have more energy.


Most of my recipes came from The Reboot With Joe (the guy from the Netflix documentary, “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”) and my Juicing for Health book. So the detox hit my blood like whoa! I pushed through. Lucky for me, my boo thang was home watching Netflix with me (we watch trashy horror flicks and make fun of them like the amazing critics we are.) and reminded me of my goals and pushed me to get through it. I drank some green ginger tea to settle my stomach and lots of water and I was fine. I’m also, in a separate post, going list the recipes from my juices to help anyone out in case you want a list.

imagesCooking and Foods Around Me:
I actually cooked this Spicy Jambalaya Cajun Pasta dish for dinner that I couldn’t eat. (people don’t want to join my cleanse so I still have to feed them smh.) I literally didn’t have ONE BITE! I haven’t chewed in nine days. And have 12 more to go! I wouldn’t even let myself lick the spoon because I knew one taste and it would be over. Plus, I didn’t want to jack up my stomach. Because it was so cold this weekend and I was juicing, I actually made some soup for a midday lunch. It is better to have broth soup and not creamy.

The issue is when I had some creamy soup, my stomach immediately got upset. Some juicers say tomato soup is ok but be careful and make sure it is dairy-free. Broth is the way to go, I use Organic Imagine Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth Low Sodium (I have high blood pressure so I try not to eat things with high sodium.) If you have server hunger pains, do not suffer but don’t give up either. Just warm up on the stovetop some broth, Simply Organic has a great Free Range Chicken Broth that is Fat free that you can make and not break the detox. Stay Juicy!

So it’s time for me to prep for school. My professor duties call. I’ll send a quick update later. Thanks for going on this journey with me. Destination wellness, here I come!

Picking my straw…
Boujie Mack

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