Stop Injecting Yourself

coco_austin_topbannerThe pressures of beauty are inevitable. We are pulled into advertisements every single day. We can’t turn around and NOT see something portraying what society thinks is beauty. Thanks to Instragram and Facebook, all of these tiny waist big booty chicks are everywhere! A fellow boujie girl commented saying, “Where do these chicks breed from?” I jokingly answered somewhere on the east side of Atlanta and Miami but I digress. What is up with these new images of beauty?

What was really cool, in the early 2000s, was this movement to appreciate your curves. This came from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles; however, what also came from them is the praise for the backside. Today, the backside is so big on these chicks, it amazes me that they can still stand up straight. It’s not even just the ass that’s too fat, it’s all the lip injections, higher cheek bones, boob implants have been around forever but even now, they have gotten bigger. Did anyone ask what the fellez think?

nicki-minaj-anacondaWhen I talk to guys about this image, they always smirk. From what I was able to get from these guys is they are not feeling the overblown up look. They say it looks fake and while fake is good for one night, they don’t want to stay with fake. While I’m sitting there commenting about bodies, these guys are saying it’s more than just the body that is fake. Sadly, they divulged into other things like weave, spanks, eye lashes, eyebrows, extra make-up and so on. Things we use to make us look “prettier.”  Men are not stupid, they know what’s fake and most men appreciate a natural woman. So if they don’t like it… who are we getting all dolled up for?

It’s ok to get dolled up and strut your stuff every now and then, especially when you go out. Most of the time when women get all dressed up, we do it to rival other women not men. Still, the extra surgeries for inflated, bigger or smaller body parts have got to stop. All of these trends of waist training, booty pads and injections are warping the image of true beauty. Not to mention, messing with our health because we are going to the extreme to be ‘beautiful’. If you have to do all that to deem yourself attractive, then what happens when it goes away? Real true beauty is natural and forever; when all that stuff wears off what are you going to have?

women-groupI’m not going to throw shade on our Barbie women. Some women like that look and their boos love it. But if it’s not your thing, don’t fall into this dangerous trend. If when you take off your makeup, spanks, butt pad, pushup bra, peel off those eye lashes and eyebrows and so on and they don’t love you, they never will. Behind all of that is the real you and appreciate your natural beauty. If you take care of yourself like you should, you won’t need artificial gimmicks to light up what is already bright.

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