Would You Switch Places With Beyonce?

sad-woman-thinking-pf-378x334It’s easy to look at a celebrity and think, Man I wish I could live their life. They have money, fame, likely an amazing body and are surrounded with other celebs. But what comes with that fame? What comes with having it all? If we really got everything we wanted, would we never want more or would our lives become dull? Can you be happy with everything you have right now? You should!

I’d imagine there’s hardly a dull moment in Beyonce’s life, especially with what the tabloids are reporting. Smh. However, when we think of our own lives, we desire to want more. We want something extra, even if we have the husband, kids, career and money. There is always something more that we want. This want is what keeps us going. It makes us get up in the morning and looking forward to another day. But there are those moments when you can’t help but look at someone’s life and even feel a ting of jealousy.
It is inevitable that people are a little envious about other people and things. It’s human nature! It’s not something to be shameful about, unless you act on the emotion. Here is the gotcha. Someone else is looking at you too. Someone else is seeing all that you have, even if you don’t see it, and they are thinking, I wish I had her life. She may not come out and tell you this, but your life doesn’t suck, at least not to her. When we get into our moments, when we’re upset and complain about when is it going to be “our turn”, remember, your turn is actually now. There is something you have going on right now that you should be proud of. Not everyone is going to get married at the same time, buy a house, get a raise, or have multiple orgasms on the same day. It is spread out so we have something to look forward to.

makeupSure Beyonce has her days. I’d imagine she would like to go a week without being Beyonce sometimes but she can’t. She has to live up to an image and is responsible for herself, family, brand, business and everything that makes Beyonce, Beyonce. So be cool and appreciate everything that makes you, you.


Sending over a wink…

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