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Do We Cause Abuse on Ourselves?


In a conversation with one of my sisters yesterday, we were talking about the Ray Rice situation. We were watching the video online and noticed his wife hit him first in the hallway then seemed to elbow him and spit at him in the elevator then all hell broke loose….

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Separate? For what?!


The worse feeling someone can get is when their significant other asks for some space. The reason why people are emotional about this is because it initially is rejection from their loved ones. Why would someone, who you love, claim they need time away from you? There are a lot…

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7 Survival Guides to Save The Boujie Ones


There is always a moment when women can completely lose their minds. In fact, they can easily find themselves in a situation where they are so fearful for their lives that they pull out all stops to protect themselves. In this case, what is a boujie girl to do? Do…

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Run Away ASAP or….

The internet is buzzing with the domestic dispute involving Chad Johnson and his new wife Evelyn Lozada. He was arrested on charges of domestic battery for allegedly head-butting his wife (Lozada). People can side with whoever they want to side with. Some blame her for ruining his career; others are…

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