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Having Some Me Time


In the busy world we live in, we sometimes don’t take the time out to just breathe and do something for ourselves. We’re often being woman, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and so on for someone else that we forget our own needs. It’s so important that we give ourselves a…

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Get Your Life


It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, whatever, get your own life and do not become so absorbed in your man. Here is the thing, when you center your entire life around a man, you can end up not having one (Life or man). No one here is dooming…

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I’m the Boujie Girl of the Month!

Also, I have a new column in Snytch Magazine called, “Ask Mack”. This month my column is on the cover of the magazine! Please support the boujie one by picking up a copy. I’m featured on the bottom right on the cover…see it? If you like this blog, you will definitely like the column piece. It is an extended version of what you normally would find here. :)

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