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Hallmark Marriage


There is no such thing about a perfect marriage. I have spoken to a lot of married couples who have been married for years and years and each of them have said it is no joke. We often think the biggest issue we’ll have is keeping our man from cheating…

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Video Blog 1 for #GETMARRIED


This is the first of many video blogs I’m creating so we can evolve through this journey and challenge. I will post one up each week to check in and review some of the things we discussed throughout the week! See you on the blogs! Feeling fabulous… Boujie Mack

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Miss Me With the BS


I have recently found myself in the mist of some drama and gossip. The sad thing about this is someone I am VERY close to tangled me in some foolery that I don’t appreciate. They are in time-out for their misbehavior but I digress. What I absolutely can’t stand is…

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