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Hump Day Files: Asking For Permission


When I hear men complain that they don’t understand why women like bad boys, I look at them like they’re stupid. It’s not about us liking men who commit crimes, cheat on their women or are abusive; most women like assertive men. These so-called “bad boys” are very direct and…

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Hump Day Files: A Thing For Bad Boys?


The whole Jeremy Meeks “Prison Bae” thing has me thinking. This bad boy has women taking their panties off and checking their savings account balances all for the love of Mr. Meeks. No one can deny he is good looking, even in his family photos, other mug shots and video…

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Yes, He is Beautiful and Yes We Want Him!


Everyone is going crazy over a sexy felon that was recently arrested. He made headlines when women started commenting on his mug shot. Then it went into a social media frenzy when Twitter and Facebook got a hold of the picture and things just went haywire. Jeremy Meeks. He’s a…

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