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Co-Signing Nightmare


My mother always told me never to co-sign for anyone. Build your own credit and get your own stuff. If someone needs you to co-sign on something, it is because they cannot get it and keep it themselves, which is why they need a co-signer. I don’t agree with everything…

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Banks that are not for the Boujie

If you ladies are going on a swiping spree over the weekend, stop it. Banks will pay out the most expensive item first and clean out your account then charge you 35 bucks (overdraft fees) for everything else. So if you have $100 in your account and four of your items cost less than 5 dollars, but somehow you spend like $90 on that handbag, they are going to take the 90 in stead of paying out the $25 from the first 4 items and you will be hit with 4 overdraft fees. Banks like BB&T only give you one returned overdraft fee every two years! WTF!!!! In this economy? (RUN) Bank of America can refund you a lot, but I would wait until almost 90 days because they are likely to negotiate better. However, who wants a negative bank account for like 3 months?! Wells Fargo…I have a savings account with them, and their ok, but I’ve had overdraft issues with them in the past over foolery. (That is probably because it was a joint account I had with a fool).

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