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11 Guys to Avoid for the Rest of the Year


It is becoming painfully obvious that foolery is continuing to run rampant in the streets. There are these type of men who continue to approach boujie girls without checking themselves. It seems like they ran out of fucT%#$% to give and have grown the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. To…

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I won’t be playing with “The Game”

I have expressed my dislike for reality TV lately but I forgot to talk about “The Game”. I too was counting down when they would return on BET. I even signed a petition, but now I want to sign to have them off the air!

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Boujie Girl of the Week: Charlene Carmel


Charlene Carmel is the hottest event planner in Boston. She can turn an empty box into the hottest spot anyone has ever seen. The Massachusetts native has a niche for style and a uniqueness this is très chic. Being a style icon herself, she knows how to plan a party! If you are ever in the Boston scene, look around for the double C’s logo. You just might find the busy CEO in her Gucci stilettos with the matching purse telling her waiters to keep the drinks filled and double-checking the lighting. Who else knows how to have a good time but Charlene Carmel?

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Boujie Girl Of the Week: DJ Laa Choc


In the clubs or at an event, we are bobbing our heads to beat, rhythm and music. We sometimes look up to see who is at the spin table. We shout, “Go DJ!” when our song comes on. Sometimes we sing “Heeyyy!” cause they know how to make us move….

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The Boujie One Fell Short…

There has been some foolishness and deaths recently in my life too but I’m coping and hoping. Still maintaining my Boujie standards and never looking back. Shit, that’s just the Boujie way! I hope you guys are ready for the rest of the year because I’m so on it!

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Boujie Girls do not = Mean Girls

Real Boujie girls don’t have to be nasty to get respect. FYI…respect is earned it is not something you pick up on your way out of Wal-mart.

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Apologize? Who me?!

how them your education by doing what you learned in that psyche class you took freshman or sophomore year, “silence.” Eventually, they will hear show silly they sound.

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Top 10 Things You Never Tell A Boujie Girl

If you want to get with a Boujie Girl…know what to not say before you open your mouth.

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