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Date Night Part II: Date the Bestie


We get so busy that sometimes all we do is text and talk to our girlfriends via gmail chat, phones or a Facebook/ Instagram comments. While this is better than nothing, it isn’t much. Setting up a date with your girlfriend is a must do. Date night with the besties…

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Shit “Very Smart Brothers” Say (Shit Bougie Black Girls Say Rebuttal)

“I hate Bougie girls!”

Yeah right! You are either mad because you can’t seem to get with us or that’s all you want. Let’s be real, if you don’t like bougie women so much why all the freaking talk!?

Don’t lie, you know classy women who has their own and with a brain is a bigger turn on that those other “ratchet” women. You know our bougie ways turn you on so much that you will do whatever it takes just for a moment with us. The attraction is clear the only problem is… it’s going to take more than a black card, some slick talk, and a nice car to keep us. You might get us but I don’t know about keeping. Step your game up, brah!

**drops mic and walks off stage**

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Kay Walker’s Weight Loss Status

I am putting myself on blast for being bloated Boujie girl! How can I stay fabulous if I don’t stay healthy?! I am calling all of you boujie girls out there to join me this year in a fight to fitness. I will post weekly to let you know of…

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