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Being Boujie Mack For 5 Years


I’ve had my blog for five years today. It started off as a space to write after my ex-husband and I were separating and that was the most painful experience I ever had. Now five years later, looking back to where it all started, it’s a faded memory. That’s what…

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I just wanted to say thank you for all the readers, people who share my blog and comment. I have been blogging for four years now and many of you have been very loyal and to the newbies, there is still more to come. Stay with me and again, I…

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I’m the Boujie Girl of the Month!

Also, I have a new column in Snytch Magazine called, “Ask Mack”. This month my column is on the cover of the magazine! Please support the boujie one by picking up a copy. I’m featured on the bottom right on the cover…see it? If you like this blog, you will definitely like the column piece. It is an extended version of what you normally would find here. :)

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The Boujie One Fell Short…

There has been some foolishness and deaths recently in my life too but I’m coping and hoping. Still maintaining my Boujie standards and never looking back. Shit, that’s just the Boujie way! I hope you guys are ready for the rest of the year because I’m so on it!

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