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11 Guys to Avoid for the Rest of the Year


It is becoming painfully obvious that foolery is continuing to run rampant in the streets. There are these type of men who continue to approach boujie girls without checking themselves. It seems like they ran out of fucT%#$% to give and have grown the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. To…

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Life Slump?


2013 is supposed to be a year of great things happening in your life. We kind of say that every year but there is something about surviving 2012 that makes this year extra special. With the economy at a slump, boujie girls are having a hard time finding their space…

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What makes her a “Basic Bitch”?

What does the term “basic bitch” mean to you? Does it mean a regular woman, driving a regular car, with a regular job, and just plain boring? Perhaps for other women it means a woman who is not of importance? A woman that means nothing to the man she is…

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