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How Boujie Is Your Savings Account?


It’s no surprise that in this economy and these days period that we all need a savings account. With people’s jobs getting cut and companies going under, it’s no wonder people are sinking so fast. There is significance in savings ourselves a headache by always have some kind of money…

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Money Monday: Slaves to Our Careers?


Not everyone can be a CEO. We need janitors, receptionists, security and so on. Without them there would be no balance. However, there are many of us who have the potential to be CEO material but we stay in the zone of “working yourself up the ladder”. Any smart business…

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Work with Your Boo or Nah?


Spending time with your main squeeze is very important. You grow close to one another, create memories and etc. However, isn’t there is a time when you just want your space? Even when you are married, a little space is ok. But if you live with your boo and you…

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Don’t Budge On Your Worth


Don’t lower your values because of fear. Sometimes we are in situations that we don’t particularly like. We may even find ourselves surrounded with negativity. And somehow when everything is happening, we start to blame ourselves as if we could help the world being the shitty world.  Sometimes when you…

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Monday Madness: HR RecruitersThumbs Down


In this economy, people are looking for work and praying for a first and second interview to land a job and feed themselves and their families. HR representatives who show no love suck. It is one thing to apply for a job and get that generated message that says, thanks but…

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Mack Mondays: Work Husbands


It is inevitable that when you work at a place for at least 20- 40 hours, you are bound to have a relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. It is unavoidable. The best thing about work husbands and wives is you have a companion on your side. The worst thing…

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Your Network/Worth


It is very important to have a group of friends that are movers and shakers. The reason why is because you want to get ahead but don’t want to be alone at the top. People with common interest are not always in direct competition with each other. In fact, they…

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Work Week: Office Politics


Kissing ass is not something anyone likes. When you are in a field, where it is hard to move up and out, who your candidates running against you are important to know. However, you also want to have someone in your corner who will give you insight on what is…

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Boujie Girls Do NOT Wait

When it comes to opportunities, they come few and far in-between. When approached with one, why wait? Everyone has some kind of talent. Even when you do not think you do, you actually need to find it. In an economy where your talent can feed you faster than a job,…

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