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What Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status Means For Us


By now everyone has heard the news of Charlie Sheen announcing he’s HIV positive. He came out and announced it because he was hiding it for a while, four years I believe, and was being blackmailed. He’s not the first celebrity to come out and say he is HIV positive…

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Be A Winner

Why are people claiming that they are “winning”? Everyone wants to quote Charlie Sheen? For what?! You are not a winner if you look up to anything that man says. Granted, he is human and does crazy stuff but really? Everywhere I turn, “I’m winning”. Oh please! What are you winning?

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If I’m going to go to Jail, I hope it looks like this!

Source: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b184302_sneak_peek_inside_charlie_sheens_jail.html

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