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Crush on Employees and Bosses


There are so many fine people out in the world. One thing we cannot ignore is when someone attractive catches our eye. To cross the line or not cross the line with your employee or boss… that truly indeed is the question. I’m a teacher so of course I come…

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Your Bestie Your New Boss


Some people have no problem when their friends/co-workers become promoted and they are over them. They are secure within themselves and position to be ok with the fact that their friend is now their new boss. However, there are those of us who think we are ok with it until…

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Are You A Career Schizophrenic?

There is no way I can give 100% to all. There are days when all of them suffer, most days my true heart desire suffers because I have to pay the bills. I am very certain of what I truly want to do. It’s to write and educate you fine folks. Everything else is just that, for now. It’s something I’m good at and can make a living off of until my heart’s desire can take the front seat permanently. I have a plan. What’s your plan?

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Bad day at work? Whoop somebody’s a$$!!!

Let’s be honest here. Those of us who work, whether you like your job or not, have these testy co-workers, unless you’re the boss. Even when you’re the boss, you have testy people around you. It is inevitable. If you ever run into this problem, check out this cute video.

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