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Wait… I’m Pretty?!


I’m going to be featured in a magazine coming out soon. The editor asked me to send him some headshots if I have them or I’d have to set up a photoshoot. A little while back, I had a big photoshoot with 800 pictures. I honestly only liked about 6. I…

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Lights, Camera, Drama?!


So I’m on my set, looking things over, sipping water through a straw out of a bottle of water, you know being boujie. The out of no where, I found two my crew members going at it. I obviously have to put out fires on my set and maintain some…

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Slut Shame


So here I am reading blogs, wasting time, gossiping about celebs and who do I run across? Amber Rose! ET Online was interviewing her about herself, tweeting and her next move. She mentioned being slut shamed and I honestly didn’t know what she meant by it. I thought to myself,…

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Are We Too Fake?


There are so many layers to women but the one that has most of us stumped is beauty. In a world that judges us for not being a size 2, dissed and dismissed because of the lack of fashion trends on our bodies and viewed as awkward if we don’t…

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Kiss My Victoria Secret


You should feel sexy 24/7. There is no reason why you have to wait to express yourself in a sexy way. This leads one to ask… should women always wear matching panties and bras? While sometimes it is not doable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just try to…

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Hair Weaves? You Hate Yourself or Enhancing Beauty

There is a secret behind hair weaves, wigs, extensions, clip on and etc.  Some women wear them to keep everything in their lives going. They are going from one point to the next and don’t have time to style their hair, so a good hairstyle that looks great everyday is…

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Can Boujie Girls Be Serial Cheaters?

A serial cheater is someone who cannot stop cheating. They can be in a happy committed relationship and they still find a way to dip out on their partners. With all of our standards, do we find ourselves to become what we hate?

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Are We Becoming Plastic?

“Get to know me before you hate me!” – Samantha Jones from Sex in the City. I’m sure some would say, fake hair, eye lashes, contacts, body, boobs, lips, cheeks or whatever we do to our bodies is a lack of confidence thing but sometimes, at least for me, I just want to look good. I’m a BOUJIE MACK! Of course I want to stick out but not in a bad way.

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