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You Ain’t Got To Lie To Kick It!

After being in a relationship with my husband for 7 years, I know when he’s lying. It’s not a look in the face or how he says it, I feel it. Something in his spirit tells me when he’s lying. Then I get that invisible slap in the face. Why lie to me? It’s Mack.

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Are WE in Love Yet?

Another woman meets a nice guy. He didn’t show any qualities of a loser or crazy-stalker-who-might-kill-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night signs. After about a month, he starts talking about having no place to live and wants to “crash” at her place until he gets himself together.

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Home Wreakers …Or Broken Women?

We always want what we can’t have; it’s human nature of course. But put yourself in her shoes when you make these decisions because, eventually, you will get that same title and you better hope someone like yourself doesn’t come around and do what you did. Pain is a given.

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