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Back to School Already?


The end of August is near and going back to school is on our minds. Many people are going back to get that degree they have been working on. Others are helping their kids get ready to go back to school. Before you buckle down and start studying, let your…

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Boujie Girls Do NOT Wait

When it comes to opportunities, they come few and far in-between. When approached with one, why wait? Everyone has some kind of talent. Even when you do not think you do, you actually need to find it. In an economy where your talent can feed you faster than a job,…

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Too Much Education

Boujie girls with too much education are getting hated on because of their drive to have the best. There is not much support for women who pursue and attain higher degrees. They are finding it harder to find mates, are looked at by their own friends and family in a…

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Apologize? Who me?!

how them your education by doing what you learned in that psyche class you took freshman or sophomore year, “silence.” Eventually, they will hear show silly they sound.

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