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Face My Body: Mammograms


A few weeks ago I went for a checkup at the doctor’s office and she found a little lump in my breast. This was the same lump from 6 months ago. Because of my family history, she wanted me to get a mammogram. The only problem is I’m too young…

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Face My Body: Snack Time


I am sorry for not posting! I get so caught up in living the boujie life that I don’t post about it. I have lost another 4 pounds! I was actually very nervous about checking the scale because I was exercising alright but the eating was hard last week. Right…

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Thanksgiving Pound Watch


With the big day tomorrow coming and everyone getting ready to stuff their face. There is nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends and not worrying about the calorie count. In fact, if there is every a day when you can fully enjoy food, it is Thanksgiving. If…

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