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Attention Sloring Your Grief?

Everyone grieves in their own way. Some do not talk about it and break down in their closets or in their car. Others go to therapy and some even just vent to close family members and friends. Then there are others who use social media to pour out their broken…

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Nude Profile Picture? Not the Boujie Way?


Boujie girls are all about being confident. Apart of being confident is being sexy. When you have a Facebook or Twitter, or Instragram, is there such thing as too much sharing???

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Stupid Facebook Part 2

What about when someone changes their relationship status, everyone goes nuts! Imagine if I changed my status! Like I need to see everyone ask questions about why things are complicated? Or I’m single! Inbox full of is it my turn yet or questions! Yes I will stick to my quirks and random messages. However, some people do like to put things on blast and I get soo sucked into it.

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Stupid Facebook Part 1

And why do some people have fan pages? I know mine is to promote my blog and other writing but become a fan of you because you are just that wonderful? No I do not think so pal!

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