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It’s NOT Just Facebook


The phrase, “It’s just Facebook” is no longer just a phrase. People are out here taking things really personally and I don’t remember when we made that shift of reality but it’s here and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. My cousins had a falling out because one of…

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No More Facebook Friends


Ever log on your Facebook page and just log back off cause you’re just so annoyed? That’s me but sadly I go back. It wasn’t the ‘new year new me’ posts that got on my nerves, it was the negative remarks that were everywhere. Facebook has become such a war…

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Frenemies, Lurkers, and the Phony…


Nothing is worse than coming back from a nice break from work and having to you know… work. Most of you have either spent more money than you can afford because of the wonderful Black Friday sales. Some of you could be in jail because of the Black Friday sales….

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Facebook is a Party…Behave Yourself

The madness of Facebook and Twitter continue. The way you want people to think of you is going to reflect on how you represent yourself. The saying, “It’s just Facebook” no longer works because FB has evolved into much more. Anytime you post something that you wouldn’t want your boss,…

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