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It’s NOT Just Facebook


The phrase, “It’s just Facebook” is no longer just a phrase. People are out here taking things really personally and I don’t remember when we made that shift of reality but it’s here and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. My cousins had a falling out because one of…

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No More Facebook Friends


Ever log on your Facebook page and just log back off cause you’re just so annoyed? That’s me but sadly I go back. It wasn’t the ‘new year new me’ posts that got on my nerves, it was the negative remarks that were everywhere. Facebook has become such a war…

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10 Things Boujie Girls Are Tired Of Seeing


A lot of people are addicted to social media. I sometimes have to detox because it becomes too much at times. Other times, I’m on there and question my life because of the things I’m seeing. I post up statuses and pictures, like everyone else, like, comment and so on….

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Why Your Professionalism Should Stay On Facebook


Gone are the days when people said, “It’s just Facebook” and there is nothing to take seriously when it comes to FB. Yeah, it’s not true anymore. The truth is people judge you on and off Facebok, Twitter, blogs (ahem) and so on. If you are in a field where…

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HUMP DAY: IN A Relationship


When you are dating, you tend to keep a low profile on your love life because things are up in the air and nothing is permanent or official. It’s better to keep it that way because you certainly don’t want to shy away potentials or talk about something or someone…

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Catfish Much?


There is this new phenomenon about people dating people online for a long time without really “seeing” them. Not the boujie way! When dating online, invest in finding love. The MTV show “Catfish” has proven that people, who have no lives, set up completely different personas to fool people. If…

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Facebook is a Party…Behave Yourself

The madness of Facebook and Twitter continue. The way you want people to think of you is going to reflect on how you represent yourself. The saying, “It’s just Facebook” no longer works because FB has evolved into much more. Anytime you post something that you wouldn’t want your boss,…

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The Boujie One on the Radio!!!

Tonight I will be a guest on Nova Southeastern University’s Radio X 88.5 FM. Please listen in as I speak the Boujie knowledge with DJ Calm Down tonight airing at 8PM! Ready? Set? LISTEN! For those of you who want the link: http://www.nova.edu/radiox/ Thanks for the support! -BOUJIE MACK

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Nude Profile Picture? Not the Boujie Way?


Boujie girls are all about being confident. Apart of being confident is being sexy. When you have a Facebook or Twitter, or Instragram, is there such thing as too much sharing???

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HIV TEST RESULTS… ON FACEBOOK?!!?!? Yup, you are a loser!

People who have the nerve to go on Facebook or any social network and show off their HIV results or STD results need to get a life. Anyone who thinks they need to prove to anyone what their status is on Facebook is a loser. Yes I called you a damn loser and let me just add, a fool.

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Happy Holidays Nosy Ass!

When you are as fabulous as I am it is very common to gain fans. I don’t use fans in a negative light at all. I’m a fan of a lot of people who are not famous. The problem is when you are a likeable person, people tend to want…

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Flea Filled Dog and A Boujie Girl

Some low self-esteemed men are like that. Rejection somehow in their heads means she really wants me. They chase harder and harder…meanwhile your main squeeze has no clue on how to behave with you. Uh! The way the world works. I’m get back to you guys on this one…

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Facebook Poking Gone Too Far!

Well because him and I remained friendly, we would chat occasionally and I once “poked” him on Facebook. While he was defending befriending me and him wanting to show me his penis (I told them that) he said, “Well she’s the one who poked me on Facebook!” I was told there was a brief moment of silence until one of them said… “wait…she poked you?”

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Goodbye Mackie?!

I thought it was sweet until I find out I was deleted of his Facebook?! Oh what the hell. Nonsense like that doesn’t move me. I think it’s safe to say, take your time getting to know people. I’m confident within 30-90 days their true colors surface and the representative you met will fade. Make better decisions when meeting people! UH!

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Stupid Facebook Part 2

What about when someone changes their relationship status, everyone goes nuts! Imagine if I changed my status! Like I need to see everyone ask questions about why things are complicated? Or I’m single! Inbox full of is it my turn yet or questions! Yes I will stick to my quirks and random messages. However, some people do like to put things on blast and I get soo sucked into it.

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