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Never Say Never but Hell Nah


I’ve heard the catchy phrase “never say never.” They came up with this phrase to make sure you don’t end up looking like an ass if you go back to something you promised the world you wouldn’t go back to. There comes a time in your life when shit happens…

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The Boujie and The Bum

man holding a bowl in both hands, receiving a serving of soup from another man holding a soup ladle

The title is only to get your attention. After a meeting yesterday, I ran into a homeless man that I decided to buy dinner for. When he ordered something off the dollar menu, I turned to him and asked, “What do you really want?” He ordered a number 4. I…

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Angels at Office Depot

I am like, I’m in the middle of a crisis and this man wants me to call him tonight!? Just like a lameo. As I’m about to pay for my faxes, I happen to glance at the note. This man didn’t give me his phone number for late night bootie calls. The note had four letters capitalized. PRAY. I just broke down right there in Office Depot!

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