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Eyelash Appeal


So I had a personal photo shoot for the B Mack website. It will be revealed on the 5-year anniversary, June 1st. One thing I noticed when I was getting my make-up done was the make-up artist added lashes on me. At first, I was hesitant and didn’t want to…

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Cover Up Much?


It is a known fact that confident women are more attractive. Even if they are not the best looking woman, their confidence goes through the roof because of her mere presence. As a woman, picking out an outfit to make sure you look good is important. When you look good…

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Fashion Consultant? A Career Must!


Whenever you are trying to find a look that fits you just right, contacting a fashion consultant is not a bad idea. They are there to help people find their own personal look. When you meet with them, be honest about what you want and allow them to show you…

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The Outfit Change

There comes a time in a woman’s life where she leaves the “Junior” section of the store and becomes a woman. In this phase, there is something about the Women’s section that does not quite fit the personality of the individual. Unless you work from home and people never see…

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Never Wear the Same Outfit Twice in a Row!

You piece the freaking puzzle. Boujie Rule! No more repeat outfits unless they are at least two weeks apart!!!!!

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So I’m Boujie Huh?

Today, when I am dealing with people, I learned to get out of the habit of reacting. I used to argue, shout, even slap to get what I felt I deserved, but now I earn it. If I’m being treated unfairly, before I react, I retreat, rethink then handle. I am out of the businesses of dealing with people who don’t matter, used to matter or don’t deserve my respect. I am in the business of becoming who I am supposed to be, a writer / college professor soon to be PhD candidate. If I’m called Boujie for being who I am, then I will coin it and move on.

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Fall and Winter Shopping!

Sale prices sometimes give you difficulty returning, look at your receipt. If you don’t want store credit, know what you want. Sometimes online has more discounts than the stores. Think about it! Don’t wear something and expect the clerk to give you your money back because you couldn’t afford it in the first place. That’s lame anyway!

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Are You A Slave To Fashion?

I am a trend so I don’t need help! I get followed I don’t follow others! Just saying…

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It’s getting cold outside!

This weekend I went out with my friends. I was a poor example of fashion. I couldn’t seem to get it through my up-north-skin that the summertime was over. I had on a halter-top and almost froze! Thank goodness we were mainly indoors. This morning I woke up to go…

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