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Can We Get a Do-Over?


Ever started dating someone and thought, we moved things too fast and now he is too comfortable? A girlfriend of mine started dating this new guy. She invited him over her house on the first date. They had a good time, no sex but things progressed very quickly since then….

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He’s Such A Gentleman

Now, before I get a call from my ex’s lawyer claiming I’m ruining his name or some bullshit, let me be clear. My ex was very polite, he opened our car doors for me (except that time when he tried to throw me out the car…but it’s all good.) held the door open for me to walk through and was pretty chivalrous for the most part but he never held out my chair. I only saw that in movies.

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Do you Know how to Dougie?

So we are getting ready to talk on the phone for the first time before we go on our date. The second he opened his mouth all the cutie stuff he did just went out the window. He kept asking if my profile picture was really me and asked if I could take a picture right now and send it to him. Then he asked if he could have a sexy personal picture then sent me a picture of his dick. All kinds of foolery!

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