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Revenge Phuck Warrants…


Anyone who has ever been cheated on knows the thoughts that run through a betrayed person’s head. We think about killing the person, killing the other woman (sometimes man!) or even ourselves. These dangerous thoughts manifest until we are ready to process the next step. When we are in our…

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Phaedra and Apollo For Better or Nah?


Anyone who follows the Real Housewives of Atlanta is aware of Apollo Nida’s, Phaedra Parks’s husband, recent charges for bank fraud and identity theft, which he pleaded guilty for. Now he is facing 8 years in prison. Apollo, for anyone hasn’t watched the show, has been in prison before and…

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Will the mistress ever be accepted?


With so much talk on mistresses having a better hand when it comes to relationships, one has to wonder what life is like after they become, well the main woman. If a man decided to make his mistress honorable by marrying or her claiming her is his woman, does the…

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Hump Day Files: Oh He’s Gay Now?


Nothing screams bitter than when a woman claims a man is gay after they broke up. It is tacky and useless really. We have discussed this before; do not blast your ex! While driving to my work, I was listening to the radio station and heard Kordell Stewart, former NFL…

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The Real Olivia Pope


The popular show on ABC “Scandal” has a lot of women cheering for the mistress character Olivia Pope. Why do we love her? Is it because she has a deep love for a man who loves her back? Is it the passion between the two or the love you see…

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What a Real Nice Guy Is…


In a world in Instagram and Facebook relationship status changes, people have had a hard time differentiating what a good person does because of our microwave society. Some women believe they have a good man because he is doing what he is supposed to do. NO, NO, NO! A man…

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Is Your Ex in Distress?


Because boujie girls have a conscience and hearts that beat love, there comes a time when someone from the past lurks up and needs you. What should you do? Chuck them the deuces and say you are not a psychologist or let them back in? Step one gut check. Step…

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Snooping…. Boujie Girls are F for Faboulus… not F for FBI!


When anyone goes into a relationship the first few months are usually pretty good. If they are not, that is a sure sign you are not in the right relationship, but only later down the road will you notice these warning signs. But I digress.

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Does Fighting Give You Power? Not according to the Boujie Way…

Ladies, please control yourself and your mouths. I can’t stress this enough, fighting doesn’t change the situation nor does arguing back. Sometimes it really is best to ignore someone. It doesn’t make you weak it makes you mature. Falling into that bullshit is fucking lame and I need some of you to do better.

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Holiday Time…Should you ask him for a present?

Here are the rules, Boujie Girls do not have to ask for anything. Don’t ask him SHIT. If he doesn’t know to get you at least a card, then you should know what to do with him. Some of you are expecting extravagant gifts and it has only been 3 months. If he didn’t start with extravagant gifts then don’t hold your breath. If it has been six years and you never got anything but a card…again- DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

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I’m his what?! His Concubine

If you are in a relationship with a man who will not commit to you, you are a concubine.
If he is married and is promising to leave his wife for you, you are a concubine.
If he is only going to your house and you have never been to his house, you are a concubine.
If none of his friends or family know who you are, you are a concubine.
If you hear from him every once in a while and it’s just for sex or when he hits you up for money, you are a concubine and possibly an ATM.

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You Should Know Who I Am…not really!!

First of all, if your name isn’t President Barack Obama, it is less likely that I’m going to know who you are just by looking at you “mayn!” This little guy gets all upset and starts talking shit. “Don’t you watch BET?!” I look at him and I say, “Do I look like I watch BET!?” His boy gonna say “she one of them chics, you know dem girls who watch VH1.”

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Flea Filled Dog and A Boujie Girl

Some low self-esteemed men are like that. Rejection somehow in their heads means she really wants me. They chase harder and harder…meanwhile your main squeeze has no clue on how to behave with you. Uh! The way the world works. I’m get back to you guys on this one…

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Facebook Poking Gone Too Far!

Well because him and I remained friendly, we would chat occasionally and I once “poked” him on Facebook. While he was defending befriending me and him wanting to show me his penis (I told them that) he said, “Well she’s the one who poked me on Facebook!” I was told there was a brief moment of silence until one of them said… “wait…she poked you?”

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I am not a breadcrumb

I had a rough week with my editors and at a weak moment I answered him and sent him my number telling him it was ONLY for business. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t even put my number on my business cards that how much I don’t want people to have instant access to me. Anyways, he promised he wasn’t like that and he just wanted to talk about publishing over drinks. The second I sent my number and he started talking foolishness and how much he can’t wait to see me. I felt God SHHH (Shaking His Holy Head). Sure enough, I soon get a Facebook message that he “lost” my number and for me to please sent it to him. Oh really? (Go God)

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