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Editorial: Friends Outside Your Race


I didn’t grow up in a very diverse neighborhood. It was all West Indian, Black and Latin folks. It wasn’t until college when I made some, “white” friends. I’ve always been the open to meeting new people and honestly wasn’t nervous when befriending people outside my race. When you go…

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Frenemies, Lurkers, and the Phony…


Nothing is worse than coming back from a nice break from work and having to you know… work. Most of you have either spent more money than you can afford because of the wonderful Black Friday sales. Some of you could be in jail because of the Black Friday sales….

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We Ain’t Friends No Mo


When people enter their adult life, there are a few things they should notice changing. Other than the load of opportunity, responsibility, and weight change, your surroundings change as well. The people you once considered your best friends aren’t. It isn’t that you are enemies; you just are not as…

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11 Guys to Avoid for the Rest of the Year


It is becoming painfully obvious that foolery is continuing to run rampant in the streets. There are these type of men who continue to approach boujie girls without checking themselves. It seems like they ran out of fucT%#$% to give and have grown the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. To…

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I Saw Your Man…

Oh hell no!

The old conflict between girlfriends has been if you see her man with another woman, do you tell? There are two simple answers to this. If it is in plain sight that he is being inappropriate, such as holding hands and kissing, say something. If he is with a woman,…

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