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Girl Code: Secrets Stay with You


It’s messed up when two people are not speaking then one or both parties decide spread their former BFF’s business around like the common cold. The most tacky and shameless thing a woman can do is run their mouth about someone just because they are not speaking to each other….

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I Saw Your Man…

Oh hell no!

The old conflict between girlfriends has been if you see her man with another woman, do you tell? There are two simple answers to this. If it is in plain sight that he is being inappropriate, such as holding hands and kissing, say something. If he is with a woman,…

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Girl Code?

With the season première of “Guy Code” on MTV this week, much needs to be said about girl code. For many women “girl code” is knowing when to zip the lips, not speaking to a mean ex and staying away from your BFF’s enemy. Still, one has to think what…

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