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Name Brand Shopping…Worth the price?!

I wish people would stop counting other women’s money. A woman is allowed to buy whatever she wants to buy. It’s her business. That goes from cars, bags, shoes, whatever! I will stop at this. Ladies, you may have campaign taste, but if you only have beer money, leave it alone. However, if you have the dollaz..make it rain girls!!

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Holiday Time…Should you ask him for a present?

Here are the rules, Boujie Girls do not have to ask for anything. Don’t ask him SHIT. If he doesn’t know to get you at least a card, then you should know what to do with him. Some of you are expecting extravagant gifts and it has only been 3 months. If he didn’t start with extravagant gifts then don’t hold your breath. If it has been six years and you never got anything but a card…again- DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

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Lets go shopping ladies!

I love Bath and Body Works, they are great and have nice sprays, but nothing is like having a natural product bring out your best. Those of you who still shop at the drugstore for your smell good products…good luck with that. If your investment is cheap, so will the outcome. Mary Kay and Avon are all awesome, but they cost just as much as Pooka Pure and Simple, Sally B’s Skin Yummy’s & Carol’s Daughter, why not buy a product with less chemicals. I don’t even know what is in some of the stuff Mary Kay has and I’m an addict!

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I’m his what?! His Concubine

If you are in a relationship with a man who will not commit to you, you are a concubine.
If he is married and is promising to leave his wife for you, you are a concubine.
If he is only going to your house and you have never been to his house, you are a concubine.
If none of his friends or family know who you are, you are a concubine.
If you hear from him every once in a while and it’s just for sex or when he hits you up for money, you are a concubine and possibly an ATM.

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Catch a Baller

I’m sorry, 30-40 plus year old rappers need not apply. “Starting my own record label and I’m about to blow,” also, please do not apply. Short man syndrome, complaining that all women want is money and tall dudes with big dicks, DO NOT APPLY! Who wouldn’t want a nice tall man, with a big dick and money?! PLEASE!

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Boujie Girl Of the Week: M Cassandra Pascal

Boujie Cassandra

You are a Boston Girl! What is it about Boston that builds who you are?
Because Boston is so historical, it is a proactive city. Think about it, history shows the Tea Party, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere, have made much of what this country is built on. This list goes on to ground breaking people such as Malcolm X and Dr. King ,who have all have lived here and changed history drastically. People from Boston are business savvy people who are all about what they need to do. We get it together and do things big.

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Top 15 Things You Can Expect from a Boujie Girl

15 Things you should learn about a Boujie Girl…

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He’s Such A Gentleman

Now, before I get a call from my ex’s lawyer claiming I’m ruining his name or some bullshit, let me be clear. My ex was very polite, he opened our car doors for me (except that time when he tried to throw me out the car…but it’s all good.) held the door open for me to walk through and was pretty chivalrous for the most part but he never held out my chair. I only saw that in movies.

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Boujie Girl Of the Week: DJ Laa Choc


In the clubs or at an event, we are bobbing our heads to beat, rhythm and music. We sometimes look up to see who is at the spin table. We shout, “Go DJ!” when our song comes on. Sometimes we sing “Heeyyy!” cause they know how to make us move….

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Sexy Youngins

Men are nicer when they are younger. They seem to be more eager to please when they are young. The question I ask my Boujie circle is what happens to them when they get older? What happens to the 21 year old boy? They are also emotional and can become psycho, (remember Love Me Mackie Boy? Never again!) but younger guys are sweet. When they get their first heartache, they leave the planet and never return. WTF!

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Flea Filled Dog and A Boujie Girl

Some low self-esteemed men are like that. Rejection somehow in their heads means she really wants me. They chase harder and harder…meanwhile your main squeeze has no clue on how to behave with you. Uh! The way the world works. I’m get back to you guys on this one…

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Facebook Poking Gone Too Far!

Well because him and I remained friendly, we would chat occasionally and I once “poked” him on Facebook. While he was defending befriending me and him wanting to show me his penis (I told them that) he said, “Well she’s the one who poked me on Facebook!” I was told there was a brief moment of silence until one of them said… “wait…she poked you?”

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From Just Mackleen to Boujie MACK

Anyways, special thank you to everyone who became a fan of the Boujie Mack Facebook, subscribed to the B. MACK TV on Youtube and most importantly, subscribed to the Boujie MACK blog itself. If you just read it and said nothing to me, special thank you anyways. I really appreciated everyone’s support.

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What Makes Her Fake?

I was reading an article about weight loss on this website. Some of the comments made on the article talked about celebrity women not being real. I thought, well what are they? Fake?

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Kiss My…V

The lack of unity amongst women blows me away. Ever notice men don’t have to know each other yet somehow they always have each other’s backs? Can we really say the same? Since everyone is out for self these days, there is no unity or even sympathy between women. This kind of thinking is going to leave some of you ladies, if you even still deserve that title, alone with a truck load of bad karma. Remember karma is the universe’s way of telling/ showing you- you didn’t get away with that crap!

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