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I Saw A Ladybug


I saw a Ladybug twice last week. The first time was at work. I was sitting outside and one was next to me on the bench. The second time today was at my house. I was walking up the stairs and there was one on the wall. For someone who…

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Is Your Ex in Distress?


Because boujie girls have a conscience and hearts that beat love, there comes a time when someone from the past lurks up and needs you. What should you do? Chuck them the deuces and say you are not a psychologist or let them back in? Step one gut check. Step…

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Attention Sloring Your Grief?

Everyone grieves in their own way. Some do not talk about it and break down in their closets or in their car. Others go to therapy and some even just vent to close family members and friends. Then there are others who use social media to pour out their broken…

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