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I Saw A Ladybug


I saw a Ladybug twice last week. The first time was at work. I was sitting outside and one was next to me on the bench. The second time today was at my house. I was walking up the stairs and there was one on the wall. For someone who…

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Never Say Never but Hell Nah


I’ve heard the catchy phrase “never say never.” They came up with this phrase to make sure you don’t end up looking like an ass if you go back to something you promised the world you wouldn’t go back to. There comes a time in your life when shit happens…

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Fellaz Friday: How Wives Should Behave


I need my wife to blend in socially.  I know you not going be like everybody, but I do expect you to but at least make an effort. Given my personality, I give everybody a chance.  I won’t deny them a chance to get to know me and visa versa….

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Enough is Enough

Sometimes we make up a checklist of who we are and someone else’s actions make us feel, wait. Let me be clear, WE make OURSELVES feel, like we can’t check off what is great about ourselves. You can’t blame someone for making you feel a certain way because they lack, let them lack and complete what they need. You are enough. Check off everything because you really are great and you can’t let someone else’s baggage weigh down your thoughts of yourself.

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