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Angry Much?


When someone we are close to does us wrong, we tend to turn away from them. Rightfully so because you were not created to be some kind of doormat. The fact that you stepped away from your loved one, because of they crossed you, is probably best for a little…

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Too many Spanx

I have recently learned that Adele, little miss “Rolling in the Deep” (my anthem) wore 4 pair of Spanx to the Grammy’s. Excuse me!? Also, Octavia Spencer wore 3 sets to the SAG awards???? What is going on? Who told them to do that? Talk about uncomfortable. **sad face**

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Basketball Wives Mean Girls Split

I’ve had friends for over 10-20 years. If we are beefing and I see one of them in tears because of the frustration taken out from our argument or tiff, I don’t think I could ever tell them to take their crocodile tears to a shop, (or whatever she said.) That’s my friend who is likely jealous of where I am and she is looking at herself, which is why she could be acting up. Girlfriends go through that. Hello!!!

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Name Brand Shopping…Worth the price?!

I wish people would stop counting other women’s money. A woman is allowed to buy whatever she wants to buy. It’s her business. That goes from cars, bags, shoes, whatever! I will stop at this. Ladies, you may have campaign taste, but if you only have beer money, leave it alone. However, if you have the dollaz..make it rain girls!!

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Kiss My…V

The lack of unity amongst women blows me away. Ever notice men don’t have to know each other yet somehow they always have each other’s backs? Can we really say the same? Since everyone is out for self these days, there is no unity or even sympathy between women. This kind of thinking is going to leave some of you ladies, if you even still deserve that title, alone with a truck load of bad karma. Remember karma is the universe’s way of telling/ showing you- you didn’t get away with that crap!

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“I think You’re Beautiful and I want to get to know you so give me your number.”

How about just “Hi, you look really nice,” with a smile or bring up something interesting that would strike up a conversation. Very few things can scare a woman, but one thing that can scare us off is a wayyyy too eager man. Just a tip!

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Is Craigslist the New E-Harmony?

I think you need to feel out people first. I always say make in an investment if you are going to find love on the net personally. If people don’t make the time to set up a profile, how serious are they?

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Goodbye Mackie?!

I thought it was sweet until I find out I was deleted of his Facebook?! Oh what the hell. Nonsense like that doesn’t move me. I think it’s safe to say, take your time getting to know people. I’m confident within 30-90 days their true colors surface and the representative you met will fade. Make better decisions when meeting people! UH!

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Stupid Facebook Part 2

What about when someone changes their relationship status, everyone goes nuts! Imagine if I changed my status! Like I need to see everyone ask questions about why things are complicated? Or I’m single! Inbox full of is it my turn yet or questions! Yes I will stick to my quirks and random messages. However, some people do like to put things on blast and I get soo sucked into it.

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Why Didn’t You Text Me Back?!

I never know when someone is really upset. I am very nonchalant when it comes to people’s feelings because most people are not clear about how they feel; they just put up a front. I don’t have time for that. So I asked him again, via text, are you upset? I get, “OF COURSE IM FUCKING UPSET.” Is that really necessary? I guess we are not friends anymore because my last next was never returned. Like I’m losing sleep over this crap! Uh…this is another cause of…where was I wrong?!

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Stupid Dudes that Suck

I am at work and got 3 missed calls from him, and 7 text messages. WTF? Where is your wife?! When I called him back, I simply said in my Boujie tone, “Hey, don’t think I was avoiding your phone calls and texts today. I was really busy at work. Next time just leave me a message and I will call you back, don’t blow me up.” TELL ME WHY did this dude go off on me

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Home Wreakers …Or Broken Women?

We always want what we can’t have; it’s human nature of course. But put yourself in her shoes when you make these decisions because, eventually, you will get that same title and you better hope someone like yourself doesn’t come around and do what you did. Pain is a given.

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Have You Seen This Yet?

* Either You Love Me Or You Don’t -Ask A Wife
* Are We In Love Yet…Crazies in the World – Loser Look Out
* I Only Love You Sometimes – Epic Fails 2010

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