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Day 10: Fellaz Friday Selfish and Single V.S. A Single Mommy


Most of the time, females my age that are an only child or don’t have children are kinda selfish and their minds don’t comprehend compromise because they are used to getting what they want. Us men will try to have a conversation with them but in the middle of an…

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Dangerously, Crazy and now Drunk In Love


Everyone loves Jay Z and Beyonce… or do we? They opened and performed together at the Grammy’s. They dropped successful albums last year, both released them in ways other artist would have difficulty doing. No one can deny their amazing talent and drive to always win. What makes them the…

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Hump Day Files: Fantasizing During Sexy Time?


A sexologist took a poll and 70% of women have admitted to thinking about another man ( or men no judgment), while engaging in sex with their husbands or significant others. 30% claimed they never did but I’m suspicious about them. Biblically it is wrong to think of someone else in…

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