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Select Your Proper Shoe Size


When I was out walking my little dog the other day, I saw this girl step out her apartment tip toeing in high wedges. At first, because it was the evening, I thought she was hurt but then I realized, she either couldn’t walk in the shoes she was wearing…

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Super Power Heels


I am certainly one who enjoys the comfort of wearing comfortable shoes. I do not like extra high heels that will hurt my feet within minutes. However, as a former employee of Nine West, I still wear heels and when I rock them, I kill it. There are certain types…

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The Power of being Feminine

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Being a “girly girl” is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, “girly girls” are less of a threat, more approachable and likeable. It’s a feminine thing. Not to say being a tomboy is deadly, it’s not. However, that feminine touch goes a long way.     A lot…

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