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Hump Day Files: A Thing For Bad Boys?


The whole Jeremy Meeks “Prison Bae” thing has me thinking. This bad boy has women taking their panties off and checking their savings account balances all for the love of Mr. Meeks. No one can deny he is good looking, even in his family photos, other mug shots and video…

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Hump Day Files: Living with Double Everything


Moving in with one another is fun. You get to run around from place to place, trying to find that perfect nest. When you finally find one you can call home, it is time to pack and start a new life. The only problem is when two individuals come together, there…

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HUMP DAY FILES: Hump Day Files: Viagra…for WOMEN?!


So a reader once emailed me and asked me advice about her taking Viagra. At first I am thinking she was nuts (if you are reading this please know that I don’t think so anymore). She explained to me that she just couldn’t keep up with what her man wanted…

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Hump Day Files: Smelly Balls

Woman Smelling an Unpleasant Odor

Women have got to remember that men do not think like us. We would probably be mortified if a man, OUR man said out kitten smells like a litter box. For guys, especially the stinky one, telling them their balls stink isn’t likely to hurt their feelings. They might be…

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Hump Day Files: Is Lingerie Necessary?


Men are visual creatures. They see breast -they think of sex. They see sexy tall heels -they get excited. They see you eating a banana -they cum on themselves. Sometimes you just picking your nose can turn some of them on. So the question must be asked before you spend…

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Cheating In Your Relationship?


In the day of social media, going back to school and working longer and later hours at work, cheating has become more tempting. One has to be realistic as they enter into a relationship and marriage with someone. Some people believe it is inevitable and human nature to sneak out…

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Hump Day Files… Fishy Kitty Kat


We’ve already discussed the importance of making sure you have a nice scent. Walking around ashy trying to shake someone’s hand is not the boujie way! There is another significant problem some boujie girls have… that is the fishy kitty cat. Odor control much? 😉 Apart of always being fresh…

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