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Why Are Breakups So Embarrassing?

I remember being a college freshman and had this boo then we broke up… I just wanted to die. I hated telling people I was single again like it was a plague. But when I got divorce, I had a party and paraded the fact that I was a single…

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HUMP DAY: IN A Relationship

When you are dating, you tend to keep a low profile on your love life because things are up in the air and nothing is permanent or official. It’s better to keep it that way because you certainly don’t want to shy away potentials or talk about something or someone…

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Bitter On Valentines Day? Don’t Be!

Before anyone goes and slits their wrist today, it is important to remember what Valentines Day really is about. It is not just a day for couples, it is a day to send extra love to someone you care about.

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