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Boujie Girls have Class and Will Sue You

Nothing hurts anyone more than money out of their pockets. You have to pay for your actions and why not make it worth it. Boujie girls don’t need to fight anyone. I have learned from past experiences, once someone gets you to that point, it is time to “stop fucking with them”. Period. Jail isn’t worth it nor is the throwing down. Not to mention grown women fighting is sooo tacky. I think Evelyn and Chrissy from love and hip-hop need to get some help quickly.

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Basketball Wives Mean Girls Split

I’ve had friends for over 10-20 years. If we are beefing and I see one of them in tears because of the frustration taken out from our argument or tiff, I don’t think I could ever tell them to take their crocodile tears to a shop, (or whatever she said.) That’s my friend who is likely jealous of where I am and she is looking at herself, which is why she could be acting up. Girlfriends go through that. Hello!!!

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Can Being Boujie Get You Killed?

You make your own rules in this world but know you will live and die by them too. Who you choose to be is who they are going to think of you as. You choose to be a bitch, get treated like one. If you think being hard is how you are going to get ahead or get a King, you are wrong, SORRY! Bitches don’t become happy wives or even become wives at all. Your defenses and lack of class doesn’t make you Boujie it makes you a BITCH and in my book you are a little girl who needs to grow up.

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