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Loyal to Your Job or Nah?


2016 is the year of growth and prosperity. Believe it and walk with it. I have a lot of friends of mine who are so loyal to their jobs and never want to leave. It worries me because one thing I’ve learned is never get attached to something that isn’t…

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Your Bestie Your New Boss


Some people have no problem when their friends/co-workers become promoted and they are over them. They are secure within themselves and position to be ok with the fact that their friend is now their new boss. However, there are those of us who think we are ok with it until…

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Money Monday: Slaves to Our Careers?


Not everyone can be a CEO. We need janitors, receptionists, security and so on. Without them there would be no balance. However, there are many of us who have the potential to be CEO material but we stay in the zone of “working yourself up the ladder”. Any smart business…

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Work with Your Boo or Nah?


Spending time with your main squeeze is very important. You grow close to one another, create memories and etc. However, isn’t there is a time when you just want your space? Even when you are married, a little space is ok. But if you live with your boo and you…

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Monday Madness: HR RecruitersThumbs Down


In this economy, people are looking for work and praying for a first and second interview to land a job and feed themselves and their families. HR representatives who show no love suck. It is one thing to apply for a job and get that generated message that says, thanks but…

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Savings Account Win


The government shutting down should be an eye opener for everyone. Clearly, we have people running the country that have no idea what they are doing and worst of all, not realizing how much it is effecting other people. At the same time, it is believed everything happens for a…

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Your Network/Worth


It is very important to have a group of friends that are movers and shakers. The reason why is because you want to get ahead but don’t want to be alone at the top. People with common interest are not always in direct competition with each other. In fact, they…

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Boujie Girls Do NOT Wait

When it comes to opportunities, they come few and far in-between. When approached with one, why wait? Everyone has some kind of talent. Even when you do not think you do, you actually need to find it. In an economy where your talent can feed you faster than a job,…

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He’s Broke…So or Hell NO!

Being supportive does NOT mean you go broke for someone who may not do the same for you. ATM does not mean, “automatically take my-money.” Access to your funds need to be for you. Cause if your lights go off trying to take care of someone else, you are the only one screwed.

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I need to make sure the people running the show in ATL are the ones that make good decisions. I need to make sure when I’m paying for stuff out here, the HPIC (Head Person In Charge) in the office tends to my Boujie needs. I need to make sure streets are safe, things are fixed and taxes are lowered for my of course above middle class ass. (Big SMILE) So I vote, and you should too!

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Are You A Career Schizophrenic?

There is no way I can give 100% to all. There are days when all of them suffer, most days my true heart desire suffers because I have to pay the bills. I am very certain of what I truly want to do. It’s to write and educate you fine folks. Everything else is just that, for now. It’s something I’m good at and can make a living off of until my heart’s desire can take the front seat permanently. I have a plan. What’s your plan?

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