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And I’m Back with Less Shit


There comes a time in a Boujie girl’s life when she just needs a break. Life didn’t hand me lemons this summer, it handed me shit. I choose to take a break from blogging because I had to get my shit (you know the one life handed me) together. I…

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Get Your Life


It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, whatever, get your own life and do not become so absorbed in your man. Here is the thing, when you center your entire life around a man, you can end up not having one (Life or man). No one here is dooming…

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The Boujie One Fell Short…

There has been some foolishness and deaths recently in my life too but I’m coping and hoping. Still maintaining my Boujie standards and never looking back. Shit, that’s just the Boujie way! I hope you guys are ready for the rest of the year because I’m so on it!

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Going Home

Then there is the other side of the cookie. Don’t leave because of problems. I hear they follow you anyways! Don’t leave because you can’t tough it out or you hear someone tell you, “you ain’t doing anything out there so come back!” Tough it out. Make it so that going home is not an option. You left for a reason and you need to accomplish what you came to do. Make a new plan for what you have left and deal with it. Be successful with what you had and make it bigger.

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Where Have You Been?!

I also went on a no make-up spree. I was surprised at the different looks I got. I guess natural can work but that is another blog. J Just so I keep you all posted, Boujie Mack TV is coming soon!!! I’m changing up the layout of the site and prepare to drop the wordpress part. (Still love you though Wordpress) In the meanwhile, don’t fight each other, refrain from breaking up, stop being a hoe, stay in good health and continue to walk with God.

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